Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Top 3 Reasons to Have a Clean Grease Trap

Your grease trap is beneath the sink, it’s a container that separates solids and grease from the liquid that enters the sewers. A lot of times, plumbing is out of sight and out of mind. Many people don’t pay a lot of attention to whether or not they have maintained their grease trap. It’s important to make sure that regular maintenance is performed, however, and that it is clean. These are the top 3 reasons why you should have a clean grease trap.

Avoid Sewage Back-Up

This is the most important reason why you need to keep a clean grease trap. If sewer lines become blocked due to fats, oils and grease. While the trap generally prevents this, if there is build up, it can spill over into the sewer line.

Avoid Foul Odors

When there is grease build up under your sink, you’re bound to begin to smell it after a while. This can lead to serious, foul odors that are difficult to get rid of. In order to keep the smells out, having it cleaned regularly is important.

Avoid Bacterial Contamination

If the sewers back up, this can cause a lot of health hazards. Bacteria can contaminate surrounding areas.
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